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Beginners Level 1: New student class for those with little to no yoga experience.

Intermediate Level 2: Deepen your yoga experience with our Intermediate class.

Advanced Level 3: A dynamic practice emphasizing breath awareness, increasing flexibility, & strength, resulting in a an expansive state of mind.

Hatha Flow: Hatha Flow involves moving from one posture to another with a brief pause in between. It develops flexibility and relaxation, alignment of the body and brings balance, strength and calmness.

Vinyasa Flow: A series of postures with the combination of your breath, it creates a strong cardiovascular workout.

Gentle Yoga: Incorporate restorative asana into a slow, meditative, calm practice.

Restorative Yoga: A blend of movement & relaxation that will help bring your system back into balance.

Tai-Chi: Tai Chi is a series of circular, one-legged balancing movements done in rhythm with ones breathing. It resembles ballet in slow-motion.

Express Yoga: Need to refresh your mind after a long morning at work, this lunch yoga class is what you are looking for. (45 minutes)

Power Yoga: Power yoga is designed for athletes of all levels to enhance their athletic performance. By increasing balance, strength & flexibility.

Meditation: Meditation for the mind and body.

Ab Express: The class focuses on strengthening and stabilizing the inner core (abdonimal muscles.)

Mommy & Me: Stretch, bond, and breathe with your baby in this special series designed for new mothers and infants (8 weeks to almost walking). More Details

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